The Dilemma All Home Educators Face. Have You Solved It?

There is nothing like it.

But it isn’t without its problems…

If you are a Home Educator you will understand the joy that comes with being able to spend so much time with your children.

The ability to see them grow and change. You can witness every hurdle jumped and every challenge completed, no matter how small.

You don’t have to spend hours wondering if they are alright in school. Are they being bullied? Are they actually happy?

Home Education provides us with a unique view of their world and gives us the ability to be there for them 24/7.

At the end of the day, no-one will care for and provide for your children better than you.

But like with everything, it has its problems.

For me, the biggest problem I have had to overcome has been the one of juggling earning a living while being present with my wife and Children.

I am a father and a husband and as such feel the need to fill the roles of protector, provider and lover (that third one will be covered another day…)

You may think that this idea is a little archaic in our modern world where we strive for total equality. But all I am saying is that this is how I feel.

There is a pull inside of me to both be there for my children and wife, to oversee that they come to no harm, while at the same time I feel the need to provide for them.

And I don’t just mean monetarily, though that is important, I mean spiritually and emotionally too.

You see this is the problem I face.

How can I be present 24/7 AND bring in the money?

I mean how can I be around and hunt the buffalo?

You might be saying to this, well, your wife can also bring in the money; and you are correct. She can.

I am not saying that she shouldn’t, or couldn’t, do that, I am merely talking about how I feel as a man.

Me. Myself.

You don’t have to agree with me, that’s fine, but this is my world.

And I want to do those things.

For me.

Society is failing. The cost of living has gone up so much that even with both parents working, families struggle to make ends meet.

Parents feel the need to work longer hours which means their children are being left in the care of people that really don’t care about them.

We are seeing children neglected by parents and suffering the consequences of that.

Children are suffering depression at alarming rates. Bullying is on the rise as is child delinquency.


Because children are suffering from a lack of what they need most.

Attention from their parents.

We as home educators are often looked upon as weirdos because we actually spend time with our children.

We are told we will fail.

And I get it, I mean how can you stay at home 24/7 AND earn a wage???

It doesn’t seem possible, right?

I have been unemployed for almost 3 years now. Not because I can’t work, but because I refuse to work in the way society says I should.

I refuse to fall into the societal trap of abandoning my children to earn money.

I have lost the childhood of my eldest son, I refuse to do that with the youngest two.

I have lost family and friends because of this stance, but I don’t care.

What those people fail to understand is that I am not against providing for my family, but I refuse to do it in a way that harms my children.

I would rather be broke with a happy family than rich and dysfunctional.

I see many families that home educate that solve the problem ny one of hte parents going out to work.

I get that, and i don’t think it is wrong, but it isn’t for me.

I want to design a life for my family where both Mum and I are present 24/7 AND we bring home a living wage.

But being broke isn’t really appetising in and of itself.

I want to have money, I want to be abundant AND spend 24/7 with my wife and children.

The question is how?

And this is my mission.

To find the solution to that problem.

How do you fund your Home education Lifestyle?



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